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The regime and five foreign ministers in the region are supporting the initiative to open a casino in Myanmar. The Minister tried to sun city games to support the government to run the casino. The Myanmar Times News Agency reported that Manila Ministers Tanintharyi Chan Chan and Kay had asked U Henry Van Thio to provide casino services at the hotel in December. Myanmar bans gambling in casinos. Under the country's gambling law of 2020, but according to the report, many casinos operate illegally in the Tanintharyi and Shan State area.

Supporters of Mr. Ouyin Win, the director of the Myanmar Federal Tourism Board's casino, said the minister commented that both ASEAN countries are focusing on investing in play casinos. Wen also said the government has lost revenue from illegal casinos near the

According to Win, the minister confirmed that opening a casino in Myanmar will stimulate the country's economic development and job creation. "Most ASEAN countries allow casinos to legally gamble. But this is still illegal in our country. That's why the chief minister asked for permission. The reason for using casinos in hotels, "Wen said. Wen said he is optimistic about opening a free casino. Opening a casino in Myanmar will "happen later" even if the vice president does not respond to the minister's request.

Zaw, the consultant to the Union of Hotels and Tourism Ministers, reflects Win's feelings that opening a casino will help boost the country 's declining tourism industry, noting that travel packages from Western countries and have only fallen by 15%, with tourism from Compared to the market, the situation is quite different. Increased by 20%. "The positive impact of opening casino gambling for tourists outweighs the negative impact. We have made a request to the relevant departments and I hope they will consider it because casino operations targeting tourists have the advantage of having great potential for the industry," Zaw said.

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